Down with Charles Davis!!!!!!

By:Colt Schroeder

This message is for Mr. Charles Davis of the NFL Network......

Davis has done nothing but bashed the Bills since the draft....They didnt get this, they didnt do that....Fact of the matter is maybe the Bills havent made a big name splash or filled the so called needed positions, but me being a Bills fan for the first time in a long time I was happy with the draft. Buddy Nix may not be making the moves to change tomorrow, but who can.Small market change comes long term.Granted I would like to win it all tomorrow, but that probably isnt gonna happen!(It could though never count out the small guy, you gotta have faith!)We have made some solid moves through free agency. Edwards is a monster! maybe a high risk one, but when guys on the Ravens are saying they are gonna miss him and it is gonna be hard to fill that hole, you got a great player.Andre Davis has had 100 tackle seasons almost every year of his career. Green, Im not sure about, but any vetern on the line is a good addition. So they may not be big names but they are solid players and that is what we need, guys who can lead the way!!!!!!!!!!So,
Mr. Davis, you sit there in your chair and say the Bills are gonna go 4-12, and maybe they will, but fact is its a new crew leading the charge and they have to do what they can. You better believe when they win more than 4 games this year, and Trent Edwards develops into a ligitament QB, I will be waiting to see if you can admit you are wrong or continue to talk your trash!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna go with the trash talk........Sign out Mr. Davis....or at least study up before you open your mouth...........

A Hardy Target

By; Colt Schroeder

Come next fall the Bills will line someone up behind center.This is a guarantee.Assuming this QB has more than two seconds to throw the ball, who will he throw too.The "T.O. experiment" is probably over, and Reed probably on his way out as well.So....What now,Evans is always a go to option, but what else?Oh that's right we drafted this guy named James Hardy two years ago.As the 41st overall pick in the 08 draft Hardy has hardly been used and missed most of last season with a leg injury that sidelined him.So is he the new number two now that he is back in action?He should be even though is NFL stats are terrible, with just 9 catches for 87 yards.He did manage two TD's in that stretch though.He is capable of big numbers though, which he should in college.At 6'5 and 220 lbs. he is a presence.In college he racked up 191 catches for 2,740 yards with 36 TD's.He is number two all time in Big Ten history with 36 TD's only Braylon Edwards has more.At the combine he also showed his abilities by being in the top ten in every aspect among the wide receivers.This ex b-ball star has the size and hands to leap himself to star status!
We can only hope Chan has a plan!
Well I believe hope is on the horizon.He's had rehab time.Bench time.
I think its got to be Hardy time!!!

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