NOT what I ment...(Or THEY need!).

By Rob Canniff

Ok, so Jauron out, Fewell in??!! I'm guessing the Bills' front office missed the point of my last article. I'm also guessing they didn't read it at all.

Apparently, the voices of un-reason reached a cacophony to force Ralph Wilson to pull the rope on the guillotine of Dick Jauron's tenure, as it were, in Buffalo. Either that or he's gone COMPLETELY senile.

Let's face it, this team has reached Titanic like operations...just not enough life boats for everyone (it's not gonna end well, but then again, nowhere really to go but up...).

Don't get me wrong, as I mentioned in my last article, this team needs to make some serious changes, beginning with management, coaching and down the line. Everyone knew that Jauron was gonna loose his job, but in the middle of the season? Seriously?! How often has a coaching change worked out for the best in the middle of the season! (Note: I didn't form that in a question.) Let me help you with this. It NEVER HAS!

Don't get me wrong, I was all kinds of excited when I heard Perry Farrell was gonna be the coach! More Jane's Addiction shows in Buffalo!!! I LOVE that band! HUNH? Perry Fewell??! WHO? The D coordinator? Err...umm...well the disappointment continues. Good thing I'm wearing my cup today. The last thing this team needs is more inconsistency with anything.

I don't know that a Defensive guy is the fix to Offensive woes.

Ok so the D has over come loosing a slew of it's starters: Leodis McKelvin, Terrence McGee, Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott. This is the starting secondary. The rookies and younger guys have stepped up and the D has pretty much held their own. An AFC best 19 fumble recoveries and interceptions would lead one to believe that this D dominates. Perceptions can be deceiving. When the offence can't capitalize on those turnover's or more importantly, turn the ball over or pick 6's...(Sunday's game would be a prime example) well, you're not gonna win ball games. Jarius Byrd is rolling over in his grave and the freaking kid's career hasn't even taken off yet. This poor guy is playing his heart out! With the pick he had on Sunday against the Titans, he leads the NFL with 8. BUT, how's this for stat of the week? They only have 2 Defensive TDs and a +2 in the overall turnover ratio dept, with 14 total TDS (offensive & defensive) to 24 against. I don' t wanna make this article about statistics, I've always thought they really weren't weren't that important, but that is an amazingly GLARING contradiction. So what's my point? The Defense is clearly the valedictorian of summer school here. The D is simply keeping them IN the games, but they spend way to much time on the field to seal the deal and they give up way to many rushing yards.

Promoting Perry Fewell to interim Head Coach is like putting a band aid on a compound fracture of the femur. It might, might be a temporary fix at best. And although I haven't heard much more about the Michael Vick rumor, the best the Bills can hope for is to pick him up, trade him and TO for a #1 draft pick in April and really hope free agency has some O-linemen to offer. Or...perhaps, invest in a whole bunch more life boats.


Justin said...

lemme know what you think of my upcoming opinion website about the bills

buffalo boo bear said...

great coaches turn unknown players to hall of famers but it's the gm/front office evaluate,scout and bring them players in. with orakpo and his 11 sacks instead of maybin with not even a start i believe we would at least be fighting for a wild card spot. we have talent but i believe we need strong coaching and front office

Unknown said...

Love the blog, great work. A friend of mine sent me this a couple days ago. Stupid, but very funny:

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