A Fine Line Between Disasterous And Dangerous...

A Fine Line Between Dangerous and Disastrous.
By Rob Canniff

I love talk radio. All these people calling in with their opinions about sports or why their team is failing and more important, who's to blame. 'Well I'll tell ya what the problem is..." "Fire the coach, Fire the GM...hang the QB in Effigy!" This has been the battle cry of disgruntled fans of the "have 'not's" in the NFL this year. (Or of the Raiders fans for the past decade.)
So, I had to make a trip home the beginning of this week for some personal business. I remembered that my favorite radio show was on, a show called Shredd and Regan on 103.3FM The Edge in Buffalo. It's a drive home talk/comedy show. Of course, there was MUCH complaining about the Bills' loss to the Texans on Sunday. Now, here's where I love the logic of the 'casual' sports fan. Many of the fans calling in, and one of the host's of the show seemed to be placing the blame of the woes of Bills fans in the country on Dick Jauron and current back up QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's subbing for the concussed Trent Edwards. Who is lucky enough to still have his head attached from the shot he took against the Jets two weeks ago. Fitz's production has steadily declined since he brought the Bills back against the green monsters from NY. One caller pointed out that "we can't win without Edwards."
The Bills' season has been a disaster so far. Listen, this team can't win with Edwards. They can't win with Fitz. They didn't win with Bledsoe, OR Rob Johnson. Doug Flutie was the answer? Not even close. This morning I hear the Michael Vick rumor? I'm not even sure how to respond to THAT...
The PROBLEM has been two fold; the lack of ANY sort of consistency, whether it's the front office, the coaching, OR the starting QB position and Injuries. Now the star of the defense (which is really on the verge of being dangerous), and my current vote (if it mattered) for rookie of the year, Jarius Byrd may have the dreaded "sports hernia." He may even have to to see that guy in Alabama...(insert ominous music here) Dr. James Andrews!
Even though the D can't get off the field on 3rd down, they are still able to stay in the ball game, and even almost single handily won the last couple.
When you win the turnover battle, there is no reason you should loose a game. The Bills D has clearly provided that spark, and at time huge momentum shifts for the O.
OK, Since 2000 alone there have been 5 different head coaches and more than that number at starting QB. Todd Collins? Seriously? Kelly Holcomb? REALLY??!?!
And...AND let's not forget that well, most of these QB's have had to retire and/or are no longer in the league because of concussions or other injuries. (See a pattern here?!) Flutie was the only one to survive. He spent his time in Buffalo thinking he was in Pompalona for the Running of the Bulls as much as he ran for his life. Remember the RJ/Flutie controversy? "Flutie makes things happen because he's mobile." Flutie HAD to make things happen with his legs mainly because I believe that we would've witnessed our first actual death on national TV in the NFL. Fear is a fantastic motivator.
Add to that the fact that in the last 20 years, since they hay-days of Jim Kelly and company, in 1990, the Bills sent 10 players to the Pro Bowl, including 2 Offensive line-men. Since then, Bills players, on the offensive side of the ball have been anemic at best. Jason Peters was the last Bills OL (in 07-08) to get voted in but bowed out due to injury, and well, he has seemingly gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa. Sending one O-lineman to the PB, that doesn't even show is like being the Valedictorian of summer school.
My point is that this is a SIEVE of an offensive line. They can't protect WHOEVER is back there, regardless of who it is. I coach the little guys, and trust me when I tell you, I have 8 year olds that can block for their tailback better than these guys. Drew Brees would kick the dirt, pout, and take his ball and go home if he had to endure this. Demetrius Bell and Eric Wood says that, during their bye week, they are going, "back to fundamentals as an offensive line." Let me know when Elvis gets here. They don't fire off the ball and use their hands like the should. I don't think anybody on the O-Line is getting a watch for Christmas this year.
The running game has completely disappeared. Between Fred Jackson, and Marshawn Lynch, they haven't broken 700 yards yet, and average a combined 3.5 yds/carry.
Lynch has been to the Pro Bowl twice for Lemmy's sake. Well not this year. Yeah I know he missed a couple games, but Jackson's numbers are just as bad.
I'd look up the numbers for Fitz and Edward's, but it's almost lunchtime and I don't wanna lose my appetite.
Look, the bottom line is this: until the front office provides some continuity and consistency at coach and the GM can settle things down, we get some talent on the O-line and they get over the injury bug, this team is headed for another long, disastrous, renew the country club memberships early, season.


MrBean said...

I completely agree consistancy in management would help but I am one of the old school guys that thinks these guys are paid to play and honestly that's what they should do. No excuses. The players haven't performed and ultimately until they get players that will they will not get back to the top.

Sabers8th said...

It is endemic of all Buffalo sports teams unfortunately. Who knows what will fix it if ever...

Unknown said...

Love the blog, great work. A friend of mine sent me this a couple days ago. Stupid, but very funny:


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