By Juan Eduardo Prada
ESPN, Bristol CT

Yes it is true, out of all of Owens’s possible destinations he has signed with the Buffalo Bills three days after the Cowboys released him, and now the organization that’s been missing for the last eight years make again front line news.

Personally, I think it was a great choice for the Bills organization and most important a win-win negotiation for both parties. From the TO perspective playing in a small market like Buffalo might be the best thing for him. He can be the biggest attraction on a team filled mostly with non-descript players, besides he can lift the team’s spirit and bring them back to the playoff picture. Likewise he will get national attention when he plays against Randy Moss and the Patriots, or his ex-coach and rival Bill Parcell who is now with the Dolphins.

Terrell Owens knows that the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999 and they weren’t going to have much chance of winning the big game with the actual roster. That means there is no pressure for him, if this deal doesn’t work out by the end of the season TO and the Bills can just part ways. Both parties in this business are aware that they are not supposed to be playing in February, however that’s exactly what Owens loves to do: take part in difficult scenarios, play against expectations and be the superstar without the pressure of having to win the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season.

For the Bills perspective they get a unique player- that despites his character- knows how to play the game, hates to lose, leaves everything on the field every sunday and seems to perform well in those one-year honeymoons. T.O can bring the positive mentality that Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith brought 10 years ago to this organization. It’s a matter of combining talent, attitude and team play balance, which should be Dick Jauron’s main concern looking ahead to the next season. Furthermore now Trent Edwards will have two receivers who can stretch the field, with Lee Evans now being the main deep threat given that Owens is drawing all the attention.

On the other hand the Bills organization -which their financial situation isn’t the best in the NFL- will also get economic benefit from this deal. It will bring back the spotlight for this team and now they will be more likely to play in some prime time games, besides that Terrell Owens Bills' jersey is going to be a hot seller all over the city.

It is certain that the AFC East will be “THE” league to watch next season. Tom Brady is returning for the Patriots, Miami is hoping to experience some revival under Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells and the Jets are bringing the three time pro bowler Larry Izo in order to improve and demonstrate that they can succeed without their quarterback legend.

At this moment only one question remains.Which organization made the best deal? Pick your team and get your buffalo wings ready because Owens is bringing the heat to the Queen City.


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